about Pepper's Pals Cat Rescue

it is estimated that between 60 to 100 million cats in the US are homeless. our mission here at Pepper's Pals is provide love and a home to domestic cats in need.

Pepper's Pals is currently working on becoming a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. we are operating through Chappy & Friends to accept tax-deductible donations!

we do not currently have a location. coming soon!

if you would like to help us, first of all - THANK YOU! the costs associated with this goal are high - obtaining and maintaining the property, purchasing supplies, paying veterinary bills and more makes this mission difficult without your help. because we are soon to be a non-profit, our organization will survive off of donations from people like you. you can go to our "get involved" tab to make a donation!

someday, once we have a property, we'll also have a wishlist where you can purchase things to be delivered directly to our door for our cats, like food, litter, and toys. we'll also be gladly welcoming volunteers to join our team and help take care of the kitties. 

we could not do this without your support. thank you!

the one & only Pepper, 2017